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Wednesday, 08 November 2023



Nice tip! Next time I'm on my way up to the mountains for trail work, I'll drop by and check them out.


Never been there before but on my monthly trips there I’ll have to stop there right after Cafe Adessio. Looks great!


your choices sounded delicious!


Bummer they ran out of the French baguette. That's one of my favorite breads.


You'll like whatever you get here, Kenneth. I'm very glad we noticed and stopped.

It's almost at the Albertson's and Starbucks, can see the signal lights going East in the first photo. We like seeing 'neighborhood' places and often take side streets; this was just parallel to the Interstate (which is *still* under construction). It's a great find, in my book.

We always try 'basics' on a first stop, kat, and this was great. So much butter!

We did get a baguette, Soo; it was in the kitchen. We will try a flavored loaf next time.

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