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Wednesday, 18 October 2023



Excellent report (though sorry to hear that the visit to Menya was not so excellent)! Nagi is definitely on my to-do list -- the vegan ramen is supposed to be pretty good. We'll soon see...


I remember trying this a few weeks ago and it was an excellent bowl of ramen, and I did absolutely love all the options especially like tare for lower sodium. I'll definitely have to follow your second order when I next go (maybe when our next heat wave calms down). Nice to see San Diego improving in the ramen world.


I agree that the thicker and firm noodles looks like the better option! I'm curious to try their version of spicy miso on a day when I have the patience to wait in line.

I wish they had the niboshi broth at this location. I know it's weird, but I am personally not a fan of tonkotsu broth in ramen and prefer clear broths, probably because of growing up with saimin. But every ramen place here in SoCal seems to be all about the tonkotsu.

I do like Hiro Nori, they have a ramen with an awesome shoyu-based broth.

Curious to hear about your experience at Menya, look forward to reading that post!


I'm also curious about your Menya experience! I've been waiting to try Ramen Nagi because of the wait. It's hard to believe that UTC will have 3 ramen shops!




Let me know how the Vegan Ramen is Peter!

Yes, it's good to get a "baseline" and then figure out what your preferences are Loren!

I think the Shoyu Ramen at HiroNori is better than the tonkotsu there Mar!

Love the comment about saimin! I totally understand!

I still need to check out Silverlake Sandy. Though they also have a location in Mission Valley.

It was Kat!




The lines and being in UTC have kept me away so far. I'll need to check them out the next time I have a weekday off. Menya's fourth location is supposed to be in UTC. I too think their bowl is just ok.


That's good you found great ramen close to work. I'll have to give them a try.


I think that Menya has gone downhill a bit over the last couple of years Junichi!

Hope you enjoy Soo!


Ooooo gotta check it out, even though in UTC. It looks pretty good and I love the customizations (like at Ichiran). Menya has always been just ok, and went further down my list after going to Japan. I actually preferred Ramen Yamadaya over Menya for SD Ramen.


Hope you enjoy Denver!

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