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Monday, 02 October 2023



I was blown away by the quality of the pastries we had this summer in Japan and Korea. Sorry to hear this place didn’t “pan” out. Thanks, as always, for your time and review.


That line is insane for such mediocre products.. I'm sorry that you had to wait through that.


I know maybe our expectations were too high?

It was quite disappointing Dereck!


what a waste of time:(


Somehow I missed the Eater post, so I was excited to start reading your post. What a disappointment; I wonder if the social media hype is hype-ing up expectations.


Thanks for the update! I was looking forward to trying it out, but I guess I'll wait quite a while before I do. I won't wait in line for food for anything less than Michelin stars.


Thanks for the warning. I don't wanna crack my teeth on rocks.


What an intriguing read. The place is so popular that they run out early, and even limit the amount customers can purchase, only to give them something lacking. ???

The best part of this was, "...if the Missus wants to check a place out and mentions Instagram, I may just run away." LOL


It was Kat!

I believe you're right Sandy!

Lol James! You're a lot tougher than I am!

Then better not get that Soo! ;o)

This was quite a disappointment ALNC! Not sure why the place is so popular.....I'd hesitate before trying again.


I heard the speakeasy is good. I'll definitely be skipping the bakery portion.


Well, hopefully things will get better Junichi?


Hello Kirk!
This is Ayaka from Asa bakery, thank you for visiting us during soft opening! I feel terribly bad about your experience. Our baker just arrived from Japan end of September. As you can imagine baking or any type of cooking is very different in every country, he needs to make adjustment from ingredients(Japanese flower vs US) water source(Soft water vs very hard water in SD) cultivating yeast, humidity, even measurements are all different (oz vs ml, ℉ vs ℃, lb vs grams). We bake everything in house and that requires high baking skill sets. Training new staffs, hiring experienced bakers also takes time as a brand new business. It is a family own business, it is not that we have manuals for everything, we need to try and error to figure out every steps. We really appreciate many of the local supports, they have been very patient with us and watching us grow and improve day to day basis. Thankfully our supply is more stable, never sell out in the morning anymore, plus all other cafe items kicks in way before pastries sell out so there is always something to try during your visit. (Again I’m very sorry, when we first open was quite ridiculous, I totally agree!) very short line or no line during the weekdays and no limitation on how many pastries you can buy. Avoid to come on Fri, (especially) Sat, Sun as line could get very long. My favorites are more on a savory “Sozai Pan”category, but try Japanese Curry Pan, Mochi bagel, Melon Pan. Also Katsu Sando which made with Japanese Milk bread “Shokupan” is so soft and pillowy, makes the best sandwich!! (Available from 11:30am) Our classic croissant is head baker’s favorite bread to bake, perfect flaky crust outside, right amount of butter to have moist and chewy texture with light and airy layers. Thank you for reading my comment and I hope you will give us another chance and write another honest review on how we are doing today! Arigato Gozaimasu!


Hi Ayaka - Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I actually would have waited to visit, but there was so much on Asa on Social Media that the Missus just had to have me go! I'm glad things are stabilizing. I'm fairly certain that you don't read my posts; but we are big fans of a "good" croissant aux buerre and even go out of our way when in Paris, which we visit once or twice a year, to find what we enjoy the best.
In fact, I have an entire category dedicated to croissants:

So, I'm looking forward to trying Asa's croissants and perhaps we can sway the Missus's opinion as well, since She loves a good Katsu Sando.

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