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Monday, 25 September 2023



The 'warning' on the menu (that there are fresh Thai chiles in use and no returns due to spiciness) had us ordering only a 'one' or 'two' level and the food was very plain at Chaba. We do want to be able to taste the ingredients and have some 'background' heat...but even the tamarind sauce on the pork neck appetizer was pretty plain. We still need to get to NgonNgon.


Nice char on the pork chops.


We always get things "spicy" at Chaba Cathy! They are quite inconsistent, but still better then the alternatives in the area...such is the sad state of Thai cuisine in the area.

Yes, definitely worth it with the current state of prices Soo.




That's good that Ngon Ngon is busy. Though I felt the wait times after ordering were long. Have you heard about Minh Ky changing owners soon? I didn't know they also owned Dumpling Inn. And The Purple Mint (vegan Vietnamese) might be closing next month if they can't find a new location.


I like the Bun Cha Hanoi from Ngon Ngon too. The owners are super nice there. The time I had their cha ca was pretty good. I only had a bite of my friend's as I make cha ca at home.


I thought the pork chop was not bad at all Kat!

I usually get to Ngon Ngon by 10am Elle, so I guess I've been lucky! I'm doing a post on that Minh Ky thing (and also Quoc Te).

I had the Bun Cha in my previous post Kha - I didn't think it was too bad; I preferred Nhu Y's version though it's been a while!


Kirk, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and reviews. We sent to TOSEL back in 2014 and had such an amazing meal there. We enjoyed the rare beef salad, boat noodles, pad woon sen, naked shrimp, and pad see ew. I was sad to see almost all the locations now closed, except for one that is very far north. So I have to ask since you are such great opinions on Thai in this city. Is it worth going to that location? Or can we get better Thai closer to downtown? Based on your reviews, we seem to have pretty similar palates for thai (spicy and sour) rather than sweet. Wok hei necessary. Would love to hear your recommendations for best Thai in San Diego with recommended dishes.


Hi JTA - It's hard to say, Since I haven't been to the PQ location since 2013...I need to get back. That said, my sources say though it's not as good as it used to be; you can still get things quite spicy and they enjoy the raw beef salad (koi neua) there. Lately, we've been visiting Spicy Lao Kitchen a bit more. I'm working on another post right now. Sovereign is more refined Thai, but I enjoy the hat yai fried chicken (which earned them a mention in the Michelin guide) and the Issan style sausage. But the food there is not really Issan; though the owners used to work at Thai Papaya and they have hired the cooks from TOSEL in Linda Vista. Thanks for the reminder that I need to revisit TOSEL in PQ....I'll do that soon.
I'm not sure if you're visiting or live Downtown? Please feel free to peruse my listing of places by neighborhood:

And even shoot me an email!

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