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Sunday, 24 September 2023



what a great adventure for the ideal croissant


You picked the right place to go on a croissant quest.


Kinda like taco shops here in San Diego. There's bound to be one in every neighborhood and you typically stick to one close by. I wouldn't drive across town for a burrito.


I had a lot of fun Kat!

I think there are a lot of locations like that in Paris Soo! I really didn't even plan on this.

Great analogy Junichi!


I don't recall the name of the one on Rue Montegrueil but their croissants were perfect. I wonder if Uber Eats will deliver from Paris.....


I don't think you mean Strohrer Kenneth?

Perhaps Boulangerie Collet:

One that I really enjoyed the first time I tried was Regis Colin, which is on Rue Montmartre whih runs parallel to Montegrueil.

But that Boulangerie closed a couple of years ago.
With all the upcharges, it might be cheaper to fly to Paris then to have delivery from there! ;o)

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