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Monday, 11 September 2023



I cracked up when I read you couldn’t taste tomato in the tomato topping. I saw this chain on our trip to Japan/Korea but didn’t try it. Guess I won’t rush to try it now either 😂. Thanks for saving us a trip!


I think it's the weakest of the "KFC" chains in San Diego RD.


What happend to Paddak Chicken chain?


I don't know Charles. I do know that only the San Marcos location survives. I'll let you know if I find out.


Yikes! Glad you gave this latest KFC place a try, Kirk, but sorry it fared so poorly! Oh well...


I tried their wings and found them ok. I ate them there and the batter was nice and crunchy.


In Japan the Hiroshima area is called 中国地方(Central Country Area). It's because it was the halfway point between Kyoto (the capital at the time) and Fukuoka (the biggest Western city) in the 800s. Center of country equals 中国 which today also means China. Guess they used Google translate! Too bad the wings were of poor quality.


I'm hoping they improve Peter. The young lady working was so very nice.

I wasn't very impressed Soo. And yes more crunchy than crisp.

Thank for the info Junichi! Perhaps they should have reviewed that before posting it everywhere? Though I don't think many people notice?

SD Julie

What Junichi said. Everything listed under “China” are prefectures in Japan. Hope their chicken is better than their translation. Lol. We have one in Scripps Ranch.


even if it’s supposedly the #1 korean chicken chain in japan I’ve never heard of it, gonna look to see if there is something close by


I know Julie; that was kinda funny! They took over all the Padadak locations except one.

Will be interesting to see if you find one Kat!


OK that spot is clearly cursed with Korean (Japanse/Chinese/ABCDE?) fried chicken and they need alot of sage (or to sacrifice a chicken to Jobu) to get the bad juju out of that location. I mean once Chick fil A goes into that shopping center there's no prayer for this location.


It seems that there's a KFC curse going on Loren!

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