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Friday, 11 August 2023



Thank you for posting about your connection to Lahaina and Maui. I am saddened by the destruction. Disasters hit islands very hard. I haven't been to Maui in many years, and was considering a visit in December, but changed my mind (this was a couple of weeks ago).


Blessings dear Kirk! Thank you for sharing.


I'm a longtime reader but first time commenter. I just wanted to let you know that you and people of Maui are in my thoughts during this sad time. I hope they can rebuild soon.


so sad & tragic


So terrible -- my family has spent much time on Maui, with many visits to Lahaina. It's always been our happy place. I echo your sentiments, Kirk -- heart-wrenching sadness for the tragic loss of human life and homes and people's livelihoods. There's a lot of help headed their way, and I hope West Maui is able to bounce back quickly.


With love and Aloha to you.


Thanks for sharing your connection.


Glad your folks are ok. It's so heartbreaking. Sending wishes to the strong, caring, and resilience communities there.


As the day passes it just gets more depressing Sandy. I think folks should pass on visiting until the residents are taken care of.

And thanks so much for the thoughtful email Barbara!

The folks of Maui need all the help they can get right now Coriolis. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!

Even though we haven't been back in years, my roots are planted there Peter! I'm hoping for the best for the people and the town.

Thanks James! That means a lot!

Very sad and tragic Kat.

Thanks for commenting Soo!

I don't have ohana left on Maui Si....but I did call my FIL/MIL to make sure they were doing ok.


Coming from a country which has experienced such tragic bushfires, I was shocked at the news from Maui. My deep condolences for these terrible losses of people and place.

Som Tommy

Been watching all the news, so terrible


Thanks for sharing and appreciate the perspective on the places that are gone. When watching the news you just see the destruction.


This was such a terrible tragedy Amanda!

Yes, it's very sad ST.

So many lives lost, so much history Kyle...

Pam from Santee

I've been thinking about you, Kirk. Everything about the wildfires is horrible. It must be heart-wrenching to have such a direct personal connection to Lahaina. I hope the photos help. May the trees re-grow and the homes rise again.


It's such a terrible tragedy Pam! I do hope that Maui proudly rises again. Thanks for your wonderful comment!


Thanks for sharing your personal connection. When I saw the drone video of the aftermath I was utterly speechless. So much devastation.


It's so sad and tragic Junichi......

SD Julie

So so tragic and sad! There are no words. Maui holds a special place in my heart. My father retired in Kihei and passed away there many years ago. The people of Maui were so kind to him.


It's been hard trying to articulate what I feel Julie!

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