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Thursday, 03 August 2023



Hi Kirk! Wonder if you’ve heard or noticed that Ban Lao closed! Sounds like So Saap is moving in.


The 1-10 spice scale is so unpredictable and inconsistent at all the places I frequent. Some of those prices seem quite high. So expensive to eat out these days. Happy eating adventures!




Agree with RedDevil -- the 1-10 spice scale is usually a joke. One thing though: I always order a 10 at Thai places, and after the incredulous server confirms that I really mean it, I consistently seem to end up with what I would consider a 6 or 7 at the most. Hmmm...


I miss Asia Cafe. Their version of Nam Khao was so good.


Nice, looking forward to more Lao food. I've only tried So Saap and I felt like overall portions were small...granted I was mainly there for sugarcane juice.

I'll have to try what you liked at Mekong Cuisine Lao and Thai.


No I haven't An! Thanks for the heads-up; I need to check things out!

Totally inconsistent RD...and prices these days; sheesh!

Yeah, some of the dishes weren't very good Kat!

Lol Peter! I agree!

Oh man, do I miss Asia Cafe Junichi!

Hi Frank! You might want to wait until Spicy Lao opens up...I'm hoping it's better there. While the Nam Khao and Sai Ou is pretty good, the cuisine is kinda a "tweener" if you know what I mean. Boy do I miss Asia Cafe! Thaks so much for taking the time out to comment!

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