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Sunday, 06 August 2023





Phuong Nga is close to the office, but their bread isn't my favorite. I haven't been to Cali Banh Mi in ages, and now I'm reluctant to give them a try.


It hit the spot Kat!

I do prefer Paris Sandwiches to Phuong Nga Sandy, but other than that.....


We usually hit the food line at Lucky for banh mi's, but I will try Phuong Nga. That bread looks a little off though.


PN's banh mi are a bit more "stuffed" Dereck! The bread on my previous visits had been better.


Picked up a banh mi from Phuong Nga (dac biet), and it was a very good sandwich. The bread was a little too crusty for my taste, but the proportions of bread and filling were good.


Oh, that's great Sandy! Yes, the bread at Phuong Nga tends to be on the overly crusty side, but I think it's better than the alternatives in the area.

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