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Wednesday, 09 August 2023



I totally forgot that you ate at Bell's last year. We hit that last weekend and it was spectacular. I'm quite disappointed by your experience at Mabel's, it's been on my list and I just haven't had the time to book. In any case, Jeune et Jolie is next week for us, so hopefully that it fantastic.


We loved Jeune et Jolie Dereck! That was back when I required myself to have at least visits before posting so that one never made it! Hope you have great meal.


Yeah, it's always disappointing to get Spanish style food that's a faint reflection of the real thing you get in Spain. And like you said, if the highlight of the meal is bread? My sympathies to your wallet....


I remember going here on Valentine's Day with my wife, was a great evening of good food. But yeah this place is more like "I read about the food in spain in cookbooks so let me try and replicate it". I will say however their quality is great and when they hit a dish they knock it out of the park.


The Swordfish Schnitzel is amazing, certainly on of my favorite plates of food in town. Everything else, is kinda meh.


Dang. That's a bummer.


Yes, we were so disappointed Kenneth!

The dishes seemed quite uneven Loren.

Well, perhaps that might be a reason to return EW!

It was Junichi!


We didn't try the same dishes you did, which is probably for the best in retrospect. I did find the drinks to be outstanding - the 50-50 martini was a revelation that lead me to buy blanc vermouth. Truth be told, I found the food at Wormwood to be better.


That sounds like a great martini Jim! I really enjoyed the Old Fashioned and we loved that sourdough!


Bummer that this dinner did not live up to expectations. This is a helpful guide of what dishes to consider skipping on (but it seems like quite a few things missed the mark) as I'll be going for a second visit soon.

On my first visit a while back, we tried the swordfish schnitzel (liked), clams in ham broth (didn't really care for) and the smoked mackerel (enjoyed) along with the gin and tonics. Wonder how much the menu has changed since I have been. We also skipped the jamon Iberico because of the price. I've heard raves about the tortilla, but I didn't get to try it since they had already sold out of it by the time we arrived.


I hope your visit ends up better than ours Mar! The menu seems to change quite often. Please let me know how dinner works out and if you have anything outstanding!




We were really disappointed Kat!


That's really a shame - we've been twice and loved it, but we didn't get any of the dishes you did. By far our favorites were the swordfish schnitzel and the Basque cheesecake.


Thanks for the link! Good to know they have good bread. I loved the swordfish.


Thank you for the review. it let me off the hook for going. It is literally walking distance from home, but the tight quarters and high prices and crowds have discouraged me. After the Michelin accolade, I felt guilty, but now I will content myself with trying a loaf from Secret Sister. BTW be sure to try their morning bun--it is phenomenal!


Well, perhaps we'll try the swordfish James. Mabel's claims Iberian influenced cuisine so we tried dishes that seemed to fit that description.

The bread was fantastic Soo. Sadly, that was the best thing.

Oh man, you shouldn't feel bad about not going somewhere Cathy! There are places that are quite popular I don't go to...I feel like they just aren't for us. Thanks for the tip on the morning bun! Hope all is well.

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