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Wednesday, 30 August 2023



hoping maui can get back on their feet soon


This is in my neck of the woods, but I have not yet tried Kalei's yet. I have heard of long waits, so I'm waiting to visit. Maybe you'll post about the loco moco first


I gotta get out more.. Raising capital for a startup sucks up a ton of time, but man, how do I not know about a new restaurant in my local circle that I certainly would have hit by now.


The Teri beef and Kalua Pork look great!


I'm hoping so too Kat!

I think going when they first open would be a good strategy Sandy!

You need to get out more Dereck! Good luck in your endeavors!

The kalua pork was good Soo!


Thanks for sharing the news about Kalei's, and appreciate the info that the owners have been/are involved in the efforts to help the people of Lahaina.

And this is a helpful note about the chicken. Huli-huli chicken is one of those dishes that I haven't really looked for here in Southern California, I usually just wait until a visit home and get some from the parking lot at Malama Market :-) But I'll have to give Kalei's kalua pig a try!


Yeah, I usually avoid huli huli chicken on the mainland Mar. But with only 4 items to choose from to make a mixed plate it was easy enough to try all four over two meals. The kalua pork was pretty good compared to what is usually available here.


Wow great portions! I might have to stop by next time I hike Black Mountain.


Yes, large portions of proteins Junichi! Hope you enjoy the food!

Som Tommy

Looks good!


I've been meaning to try Kalei's out. I believe they will be at the Plumeria Festival in Balboa Park this weekend so maybe will try them then if we go. Btw, we just got back from Oahu on Wednesday and one of our many(!) eating stops on a drive around the island was at Ray's chicken in ono.


The portion sizes of the proteins are quite generous ST!

Sounds like you ate well Jack! Yes, Kalei's will be at the Plumeria Festival.


I had loco moco there a couple of weekends ago and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at opening and there was no one else there but staff.

The rice was good, over easy eggs excellent, hamburger pretty good and the gravy was OK. I think that some demi in the gravy would amp it up considerably, but its a nice backup if I don't feel like cooking.


Nice. I gotta try the Loco Moco now Dereck!


I got a loco moco to go. The hamburger patty was a bit dry and the eggs were more of a medium with the yolk. Maybe I should eat in next time.

BTW, I heard that Zippys will be opening in Las Vegas (you know, the ninth island). I'm sure it will be packed!


Thanks for the update Sandy! I gotta go check it out I guess.
I heard Zippy's in Vegas was opening on the 10th?

It's gonna be insane!

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