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Saturday, 22 July 2023



I am so impressed with your efficiency! I also prefer to do my shopping on the early side for better parking and fewer people. I've never shopped at Lazy Acres or The Fruit Stand.


Wow -- epic shopping day! I would have been done after doing the Mercato! Used to stop at the Fruit Stand religiously after Costco trips -- haven't been in years.


so much done! love it!


I'm not if it is efficiency Sandy! More like I've done this so many times.

It's every Saturday Peter! And on some Saturdays I even throw in TJ's and 99 Ranch Market.

I need to get it done before lunch Kat! ;o)


That is some efficient shopping! I tend to do everything pretty quickly also, but definitely not on a standard rotation like you do.


Nice way to spend your Saturday!


Nice to know someone else does this too lol, started feeling like a weirdo for going to multiple grocery stores and even occasionally places further away for unique deals and specialties.

Haven't visited the farmer's market in a while though so I should definitely consider going back especially to Little Italy. My wife loves all the vegan goodies since she's allergic to eggs and the produce is always amazing. Slightly better than going to Sprouts/Costco with occasional runs to 99 ranch, Cash and Carry on Miramar or even Carnival/Zion.

By the way "Doggy Style" should join a new list along with "Side Piece" as "For the love of God don't bring a first date there" place.


I tend to do my grocery shopping during the week after 8pm. Much quieter. Although things tend to run out by then like the bentos at Nijiya. It's usually wiped out clean by then.


I think it seems efficient since I've put in so many "reps" Dereck!

Well, it's onty the beginning of the day Soo!

I just like to get all those errands out of the way Loren. I always laugh when I pass that shop and seeing that pup wanting to go in (they were closed) just cracked me up!

Yeah, I'm an old fart these days Junichi, so am getting ready to call it a night by 8pm! ;o)


this is so interesting. I was out at 7.15 am last Saturday and it was so satisfying to be "done" by 10am.


Yes, there is a sense of accomplishment when getting things done in a good amount of time! It's great to hear from you Amanda; hope all is well!

Lynnea Fleming

Wait...I was just telling Matthew about your extremely efficient shopping, as we were circling the Nijiya parking lot the other evening. I said, "We should come here at 9AM like Kirk! He gets all of his shopping done early." ^o^ He was impressed but still didn't bite on that. Anyways, now I'll send him this post as proof that early morning shopping works best, LOL


Lol Lynnea! Let me know how that works out! Great to hear from you and hope all is well.

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