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Wednesday, 05 July 2023





I actually just tried this place a few days ago, had the bunny chow and it was pretty good. My knowledge of South African food is pretty minimal but the curry itself was tasty enough and think it maybe worthy of another visit. The killer for me was more the price of everything; very high for what you're getting. I really want these guys to succeed and will likely try again but it's sad to see you guys had such a bad experience.


Thanks for the link Kirk! I liked the Peri Peri wings and breakfast was ok.


Yes, it was Kat!

Ok Loren, thanks for letting me know. I'll give them another shot.

Thanks Soo!


I'm not sure if I'm the Sandy who let you know about Bunny Chow, but I had forgotten it was there. I should try it one of these days.


Yes, you are the one-and-only Sandy! ;o)


Any restaurant review that features quotes from Stripes is a winnah in my book!


There was a South African place on Miramar about 10 years ago, where Kusina is, that wasn’t bad. It lasted about a year. I had the “Bunny chow” there: a hollowed out 1/2 loaf of white bread with curry in the hole, which seemed somewhat authentic.

What you got here looks pretty dreadful.


Lol Kenneth! Glad you enjoyed that.

Hi Mike - I think that would be Capetown Bar & Grill, which became Sarap, which became Gaya Gaya, then Boss Bird, before Kusina? Never had a chance to check out Capetown.


Wow that chicken looks dreadful. Blackened but not in a good way.


Yes, it was really bad Junichi!

SD Julie

Ate here about a month ago. Liked some of the curries and the slap chips. Had the same experience as you re the peri peri chicken. It wasn’t edible. Owner was really nice, though, and explained the different foods from the different regions. Might try again but not for awhile. Too many other places to try. :)


I really liked the folks working at Bunny Chow too Julie! I'm sorta in the same camp as you....I'll give them a "rest" before returning.

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