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Wednesday, 24 May 2023





I haven't tried GyroGrill, and now I'm not likely to! I drove by recently, but had just gone to Zgara a couple of days prior so I didn't stop.


Hmm... The best Greek food in San Diego doesn't sound that wonderful.


Yes, very disappointing Kat!

Yeah, I just went to Zgara myself Sandy....needed my fix after having this.

I think there's better to be had Soo!


These award programs are mostly a joke anyway -- it's a race to see who can round up the most votes via social media nowadays. Not who's truly the BEST.


Very true Peter! But there are so many people who "buy into it".


I scrolled through the list and there's quite a bit of casino spots. Maybe the primary demographic is older people that still subscribe to the print version.


Good observation Junichi!


I've noticed that casino restaurants seem to be tops in these "best" lists. I attributed it to the casinos advertising or campaigning.


Interesting Sandy! That's probably true.


Oh wow. That looks pretty bad. I only went there a few times about a year or two ago and it was pretty good. They used to give you way too many potatoes. I hate that parking lot too and would never go there during the weekday lunch rush. First time I went there was on a Saturday and there was on,y one person working there (cooking and managing the register). It was really busy for him and I felt bad for him but it was still during the pandemic and alot of restaurant were just dealing with short staff. But it was worth the wait. Unfortunately they’re probably making cost changes and affecting quality.


Yes, it's not as good as it used to be Denver. If I go to Tenkatori; I try to get there right at 11.


That's so sad, cost gone up and quality gone down. Who did they pay for the hit piece?


Yes, a "sign" of the times Billy! I told the person who mentioned the award to me and they cracked up.


I used to grab a pork gyro and fries there every month or two during the pandemic. That gyro looks nauseating to me, and the fries used to be so good!


It was such a disappointment Dereck!

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