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Wednesday, 31 May 2023



Oh lord that Cha Ca Thang Long looks REALLY sad compared to what we got at the place in Hanoi that specializes in it! Too bad!


Yes, not even close to what we had in Hanoi....or even Song Long Peter!


Mudddy fish = tilapia, which I pretty much hate, as I can eat dirt from my backyard if I crave it. I also really dislike 'no MSG' shops. MSG is the best thing to put in almost everything and leaving it out is not good.


kinda hit or miss

Som Tommy

Bummer about the cha ca


Thanks for the post! I thought their bo luc lac there was decent too though I usually go to Nhu Y for that. Sad to see Bolsa is closing.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but there are some broken images in recent entries (but it's fine when clicking on it):

Example image: Ngon Ngon 16 on this post

IMG_9001 and IMG_8138:

O To San 05:


Paris Sandwich 01 on the Paris Sandwiches post


Oh hm, maybe it changes broken images. Now image 7 and 17 are not showing on this post 🤔


Hi Dereck - I've found that muddy taste in many fresh water fishes; catfish, swai, etc.... regardless, it's a feature of what the fish eats.

Yes, its trying to tease out what they do well Kat!

Yes, it wasn't very good ST!

Thanks Elle! I already have a ticket open with Typepad. Thanks for letting me know!


Thanks for the info on Ngon Ngon; I passed by it recently, and wondered about it. My mother-in-law liked the Bun Cha Hanoi at Bolsa; we'll have to take her go Ngon Ngon. The Bo Luc Lac looks promising, and made me think of the French Beef dish at Noble Chef.


Hopefully your MIL will like the Bun Cha at Ngon Ngon Sandy! The Bo Luc Lac was not bad either!

Som Tommy

Went today and really liked the bo luc lac


Cha Ca Thang Long is my usual 'first order' at a new-to-me Vietnamese place and hadn't noticed the Song Long post. I think The Mister and I might have to go on a little drive North. (It's still closed on Mondays and the Cha Ca is $26).


Glad you enjyed it ST!

It would be interesting to see how are post-Covid Cathy!

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