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Friday, 26 May 2023



Congratulations on your amazing success. It’s a pleasure to not only be a long time reader but to have contributed and become a friend of the blog. To many many more years!


So glad you are still here.


Congrats on 18. I was just at “The fastest Pho in the West” and thought about this site :D

Kerri K

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for all that you do!


happy blogaversary looking forward to more of your adventures!


Congrats on your 18th anniversary with many more to come. You will definitely be around for the count as you will be able to roll with technology as well...Thank you for all you do, uh - write/post!!!


Happy Blogbirthday! We certainly have enjoyed many great restaurants based on your posts (and avoided some that deserved to be avoided too!). Blog on amigo.




Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your adventures. They’ve been an inspiration, and wonderful resource when our travels take us to SD or further abroad.


Congrats on 18 years!


Congratulations on such an amazing milestone - wishing you many more years of stories, insights, and delicious eats!


Congratulations! Although I don't eat meat and therefore can't eat many of the dishes you review, I still love to check out the pictures and read your witty commentary. And the travelogues from around the world -- and even here in town -- are the icing on the cake! Looking forward to many more posts to come!


I appreciate all the comments and emails over the years Loren! Thanks again!

Thanks Wendy!

Thanks for all the comments and email Kerri! Hope all is well!

Seems like good pho weather Denver! Thanks for all the comments over the years!

Thanks Kat!

Thanks aeabubo!

I'm glad you've found some use for our blog Kenneth! Thanks as well for all the recommendations and emails!

Thanks James!

Thanks so much Greg!

Thanks Soo!

Thanks Joy!

I'm glad you enjoy the travel posts Peter! Now I'll think of you when we have more "veg-forward" meals!

Pam from Santee

Congratulations! You've been an incredible resource. Thank you for making my very occasional trips to SD more tasty.


18 years is amazing for anything but in the context of food social media is basically an eternity. Thank you for continuing to take the time to keep your blog going. I very much appreciate the reviews, the recipes and the travel adventures. Hoping for many more years to come. Seguimos juntos!

Hangzhou Hero

Congrats Kirk! Your blog has been such a comfort for so many of us. What an achievement! We'll all be here for another 18 years (and more)!


Thank you for all of your thoughtful writing on your tastes and travels, I have enjoyed many of your recommendations. I also really like the searchable aspect so I can find places that I knew I read about before.
What degree will you go for???


Damn, didn't expect a blog to make me feel old! 😂 I've been a fan for most of those 18 years, so thanks for letting my taste buds live vicariously through you and the Missus' food adventures!


Thanks so much Pam! It's great to hear from you!

Thanks for all the comments over the years RD! We really appreciate it!

Oh man...thanks HH! Great to hear form you as well

I think something to do with eating Laurie? ;o) Thanks again!

Lol Jase! It did seem to go by so quickly!


Wow laulau 18 years. Congratulations! 5k posts. You’re a machine. Looking forward to another 18 years.

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