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Monday, 01 May 2023



There's so much hype surrounding the place, and the fact it was supposed to open a year ago, but honestly it's just alright. I thought the Chicken Katsu I got was better than yours but I'm in total agreement the egg was the best by a long shot. I don't know how they would be able to fix it or if maybe the sogginess is exacerbated by taking it to another location, but it feels like it's not what it could be. I even got a loaf of bread from them once and it felt like I was eating a lesser version of Texas toast.

I will admit the fruit and cream sandwiches are delicious but cause my poor American brain to short circuit that I'm basically eating a cake sandwich.


At first glance, I thought the logo was for a Kumon school! I don't think I had a konbini egg salad sando when I was in Japan (I usually got onigiri). Ichiban Sando in Chula Vista doesn't do egg salad (they do more of an breakfast type egg sandwich), so I'll have to try Kumo's egg sando.



Kathy Q

As prices climb at restaurants, value is more important than ever. Not seeing any value here!


It was kind of disappointing overall Loren. They need to do a better job of frying the katsu and things seem to need more flavor. Right now; this isn't nearly as good as what convenience stores sell in Japan!

Lol Sandy....yes, I see that too! Hope you enjoy your sandwich.

Makes me miss Japan Kat!

Definitely not worth the price right now Kathy. I was very disappointed.


Sorry that look awful and I rather get sandos from the Japanese grocery store. Not worth the money and hype.


That is disappointing. I recall lines were over 2 hours when they first opened. I'd rather go to Nijiya to get my katsu sando fix.


I liked the egg sandwich, but I've never tried the original Japanese one to compare. But it is expensive for what you get.

I'm curious if you'll do reviews for some newer Vietnamese restaurants like Ngon Ngon to Go and Thien Huong in Mira Mesa.


I agree Charles.

Yes, right now it's not very good JUnichi.

These really pale in comparison Elle! And yes, I need to make revisits before I do those posts.


I'm a big fan of Japanese bread and might grab a loaf to try from here. Why can't you touch the bread??


I think they are afraid of folks who might have a "bread squeezing fetish" Dereck! ;o)


I went to Lazy Dog for lunch yesterday. They had a Chicken Katsu Sando on their menu. The hype is real. I didn't have the courage to try it though.


Good lord, at a ch-ch-chain Junichi! This years birria taco! ;o)


I saw ManMoth bread at Nijiya, and noted their delivery dates for future reference to make egg sandos at home.


Nice! Now you can have an endless supply Sandy! ;o)

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