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Wednesday, 10 May 2023



always wondered about jolibee, will give it a try next time I’m in hawaii


One of my absolute favorite fast food places, I only wish it was closer to me in east county.

Now I have to admit some friends of mine and I have wanted to do a chicken challenge of trying the fried chicken from Jollibee's, Popeyes (few blocks from Joolibee's in MM) and Raising Cane's (few blocks as well). We just need to hoard enough Prilosec and Lipitor but I think we can make it work :)


I love their fried chicken!


Definitely try it Kat. If they have a breakfast menu (they did prior to Covid-19), you can get the egg/rice/gravy with two pieces of chicken to start your day.

Maybe someday they'll venture out to East County, Loren. Your Challenge sounds delicious as well as feasible, since you could compare fresh, hot fried chicken pieces.

I missed seeing that post, Soo! Yes, the fried chicken is properly fried and tasty at Jolibee!


Hey Cathy, think we can get a mmm-yoso rep to join us on our multi couple fried chicken taste test? Lol


Thanks for the link Cathy!


I used to hit Jollibee once in a while when it was over by Manna BBQ (then Pizza Hut), and when it closed I thought it was gone for good. I had no idea that it just moved across Camino Ruiz! I will have to go grab some chickenjoy.


The Jollibee by Manna BBQ closed a long time ago, so it didn't quite just move across Camino Ruiz! I still haven't been to this one, but I did have some Jollibee (first time in many years) in the Bay Area earlier this year, and enjoyed the chicken.

Also the chicken challenge could include nearby Chick-Fil-A Dave's Hot Chicken.


Hi Loren, it might be possible, but until about July 4, one of us is kind of busy. I'd like to see how you organize it.

You're welcome, Soo.

The 'new' location seems a bit better, Dereck. I only found the Jollibee because I was meeting someone at Starbucks-at the "new" location.

This is true, Sandy. I really don't like 'hot' chicken (at least not for a first bite).

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