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Friday, 05 May 2023



I loved the chicken pot pie and the fried chicken they took off the menu:


everything looked hearty and delicious:)

Som Tommy

Looks good


A lot has changed since this Black Bear opened, Soo. At least it hasn't closed during the pandemic. (I'll add your link; knew you had posted but forgot).

Very nice portions and quality, Kat.

It's really good, ST. Black Bear has a good reputation for consistency.


Thanks for the link! I hope they bring back the fried chicken and chicken pot pie as they were my fav menu items.


I'm thinking the logistics of keeping the fryer/oil separate for chicken and fish and chicken fried steak and fried veggie items made the decision when they were trying to save money to be able to stay open, Soo. The chicken pot pie was good but maybe people weren't ordering and iti would go to waste. All sorts of business decisions were made everywhere. (Portos still has not come back to offering all of their breakfast choices or bakery items and I always go back hopeful, and am sadly disappointed).

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