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Tuesday, 04 April 2023



What an amazing selection! We need more restaurants like this in SD,and although it is way to far for me to go to hit this location, I really do hope that they carry on the same quality in Liberty Station!


This place is the absolute best in San Diego for chilaquiles; my wife and I love the one downtown and go there far too often for our own good. Honestly everytime we've gone there we get Divorcados so we can split a plate and enjoy two different flavors, but the Enfrijoladas are truly delicious too.

Glad you discovered and enjoyed the place!


looks like quite a lot of food, but everything looked delicious


It's great, Dereck. When you do get a chance, go early/when it first opens; the crowds are apparently overwhelming with long wait time, especially on weekends..

It's so nice to know someone else who has been to Cocina 35, Loren. Divorciados will be my next order (something I do look for but was overwhelmed at this unplanned first time stop). I want to try all the salsas and all of the meats!

It was a lot of food, Kat. Even though we saw the serving sizes on the exact plates, we still ordered it all along with two beverages; unusual for us. There were leftovers.

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