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Thursday, 23 March 2023



I made some turkey meatball soup with dill. just like my moms.


never had ichiran, your ramen looks great


Nice bowl of ramen! I've been making the marinated ramen eggs and adding them to various dishes. I buy the Sun Noodles packet of plain noodles (no soup packet) and adding them to a simple broth. And with the recent rains, I was enjoying congee with century eggs and store-bought frozen crullers among the fixings.


That egg and all the toppings looks ono! And this is a helpful review of that packaged ramen brand. There's so many brands to choose from now and it can be hit or miss.

Mitsuwa was selling packaged ramen from Tsujita as a limited-time item a while back. I picked up the tsukemen kit--it was pricey, but pretty damn good! I have not been to any of their locations in LA yet, but that broth in the DIY kit makes me want to try the real thing next time I'm in town.


BIG fan of Mom's Dry Noodle sichuan spicy -- made in Taiwan -- that I get at 99 Ranch. Noodles aren't fried and have some bite if you don't overcook them, and the sauce is indeed spicy (and good flavor). I have them with whatever veggies are hanging out in the fridge.


Comfort food Pavel! Nice to hear from you and hope all is well.

We were so disappointed in Ichiran Kat!

Congee with pidan! Great stuff for the weather we've been having Sandy!

I think I saw that Mar! Too bad I didn't buy any....

I have that along with Lazy Noodle and a couple of other one's Peter. For some reason, I think of it as more warm weather food. But, maybe I'll give it a shot wince it looks like it's going to rain again next week.


During the height of the pandemic, there was a Ramen delivery service where they partnered up with LA Ramen restaurants that shipped frozen ramen kits. Some were really good. A few months later I saw some of the same kits being sold for a few days at Mitsuwa. Unfortunately that service is no more

I’m surprised with your old review of Ichiran. It must have been a bad day. When we went to Japan, we went there 3 times. I thought it was one of the best ramen I’ve had and nothing in the US compares anymore for me (even Menya). Mikey Chen agrees haha.. I’ve had the kits and it was awful.


I've always pretty much disregarded packed ramen Denver....I guess I need to change that! We were really disappointed in Ichiran Denver. It was so hyped up. Perhaps we'll try them again when we get back to Japan.

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