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Wednesday, 15 March 2023



toast loco moco…hmm


I know Kat.......


That is hilarious about Clairemont High. I had no idea Fast Times was cribbed there.

I almost never pass up tots, but jarred gravy is just not right. It takes literally no effort to make a roux and then gravy. Gravy.. Now I am hungry again.


Yeah that gravy was not good Dereck! And you know how I like these "stories", right?


I'm looking forward to seeing all the spots within walking distance.


Chuckled when I saw that loco moco and brunch were written with quote marks. First time I've ever seen a loco served with toast, too. I wonder if customers asked for toast often enough when ordering it that they decided to serve it with. Either way, I agree that I would rather dine there than at Farmers' Table.


Well, there aren't many Soo!

Yes, that was an interesting "loco moco" Mar! I'm not sure why it's on the plate....maybe I'll ask and find out!

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