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Thursday, 16 February 2023



I’ve always had orange/red specks in my shio broth at Santouka – I think maybe you just didn’t notice in the past. ;)


Wave that flag, wave it wide and high (great song). Love Santouka, thanks for a reminder.


Yes, I think I didn't notice the distinct flavor of it before Sage.....though it looks like it definitely wasn't in the version we had in Japan!

Thanks so much RD!


glad you are keeping warm:)


A Santouka opened up near me (Tysons Corner, VA) a couple of years ago, and it's been my go-to ever since. The shio tastes just like the one in SD and really brings me back. Surprisingly, the tamago here is MUCH better than the one in SD - it's soft boiled with a creamy/gel center. Whoever's cooking the eggs here is doing it right!


I had the same egg experience in Japan. It was the sad hard boiled one just like in the states. Now I'm craving a bowl again! I used to think $15 for a bowl was crazy but nowadays it's the norm.


We're trying Kat!

My goodness, it's so great to hear from you Jinxi! Glad you're able to get your Santouka fix. Though that location may get fined for not keeping with the Santouka standard for tamago! ;o) Hope all is well!

Yeah, Santouka's egg in Japan was the same as here Junichi! And $15 for a bowl of ramen is considered reasonable nowadays! Go figure...

Som Tommy

Just had this today. It hit the spot!


It's perfect for the cold and windy weather we're having.

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