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Saturday, 21 January 2023



glad you were able to get back :) enjoy!


Hawaii! Looking forward to hearing more, and envious about the poke!


We are having a great time Kat!

We are definitely getting our fix of poke Sandy!

Kerri K

Enjoy home, Kirk! Missing BI BIG time! Go get pulehu lamb ribs and smoke meat at Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea.


Thanks for the recommendation Kerri! We'll get there next time! So many places, so little time! Man, did we miss the Big Island!




Wife and I went back to HNL last October, but we didn't really do much or even enjoy ourselves that much. So, next year I am going to spend our annual vacation in Kona -- 3 days at one of the big name/high price resorts, then 3 days at the old nostalgic Manago Hotel. Gonna have to eat one meal at the old Teshima's restuarant up on the hill. I know exactly what you mean about missing the olden days stuff and sights!!


We are enjoying ourselves James!

Sounds great Alan! We're having fun trying to balance the "new", with just those things that bring on the feeling of nostalgia. Gotta get those pork chops at the Manago!


oh, have fun!

Som Tommy

Awesome volcano


We really enjoyed ourselves Amanda!

It was amazing ST!


It's not a trip to Hawaii without pictures of wild chickens! We always go visit Byodo-In Temple and then eat at the McDonalds nearby and take pictures of the chickens running around the parking lot.

Glad to see you got to go home!


Yeah, there were chickens everywhere MrZ! It's great to hear from you and hope all is well!

Chris R.

Was the photo of Hilo Bay taken from Coconut Island? Looks like it. I miss Hilo so. I'm reading the fourth and most recent of the Koa Kane crime mysteries set on the Big Island. They're fun ... but they don't mention food enough!


Pretty close Chris! It's off Lihiwai street where it makes the turn around Liliuokalani Gardens. I hope you'll be able to return to Hilo soon! There's just a certain distinct vibe we love there!

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