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Saturday, 07 January 2023


Som Tommy

That pho looks terrible


This reminds me of when I got pho many years ago in Sedona, not exactly a hotbed of vietnamese cuisine. I bet this is similar where there's no other pho restaurants around to compare against, so it's automatically the most popular.


It was ST!

I actually got a listing of over a dozen "Vietnamese" places when I did a Google search Jason. Though many were Chinese-Vietnamese/Thai Vietnamese, etc. This was one of the few that seemed "Vietnamese". Though you do have a good point. How was that Pho in Sedona? ;o)


When I was there a couple months ago, I checked to see if it was still around... it wasn't. That's funny, we also commented that all of the Asian restaurants in Sedona are "Asian" restaurants... a mix of whatever variety of cuisines the owner was able to support and not really focusing on one.


Goodness "Asian" restaurants Jason! ;o)


great exploring!


Montpellier was quite interesting Kat!

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