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Thursday, 26 January 2023



I'm thinking I would try the lamb sandwich, but I'm glad you enjoyed it and it brought back great memories, right?
My "hood" is Tierrasanta, kind of slow and quiet which is okay by me. I mentioned a couple of months ago that our Chinese restaurant closed, finally it is reopening as a Vietnamese restaurant called Mom's Pho & Grill. Soft opening Sat 1-28, Grand opening Mon 1-30, 9am-8:30pm. Its in the Smart & Final shopping center 10645 Tierrasanta Blvd. I hope we'll have a good new place to eat out that is close to home.


Hi Laurie - Yes, I remember you mentioning the Vietnamese Restaurant was replacing Taste of Mandarin! I'm hoping it is good. I'll try to get there soon...though let me know what you think, ok? Thanks again for commenting and letting me know what going on in Tierrasanta!

Lynnea Fleming

Hee hee, love that more people are celebrating Burns Night! Matthew and I host a Burn's Night Supper every year, but I always just make a vegetarian "haggis" since it's impossible to find a proper one in the states, but of course the real point of the evening is the whisky ^o^ (to answer your question...for me a mile in all directions from my house is in my neighborhood ^^)


My goodness, that's wonderful Lynnea! Ok, so I guess I need to consider at least a mile.


about a mile? or so:)


My hood is well over a mile with nothing within walking distance. I wonder how many people ordered the haggis?


It's about a mile to the nearest shopping center in my hood (SF Market / Rite Aid). If I really need to add miles I'll venture to K Sandwiches / Mien Trung.

Kathy Q

Usually half a mile (Hey, it’s a mile round trip!) in my north east corner of Kearny Mesa, so Convoy is a bit of a hike, but I have done that as well. Our one trip to Dan Diegos got mixed reviews. I stole my BF’s tartar sauce for my fries. Better than most.


There seems to be quite a few places in that mile Kat!

Bummer Sandy! I wish there were more places near here. I saw someone do a takeout order of haggis. I'm hoping they sold a good amount so that they'll keep it on the menu!

Man, all the way to Mien Trung Junichi! That's a haul!

Well, yes, it is a mile round trip Kathy! ;o) DDs has been a bit hit and miss on my previous visits as well. I gotta try that lamb sandwich.....

Som Tommy

I guess that lamb sandwich will have to wait until next time.


Yes, I'll get that next time...if there's no haggis ST! ;o)

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