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Thursday, 05 January 2023



Concur with you about the fun of having local places to dine. We miss that from living in Hillcrest. As for Farmers Table, we have one here in La Mesa and have been a few times. Corporate style food with a few good dishes worth returning for, like the grilled octopus. Waitstaff is bad to indifferent, depending on their mood. For their prices, the food and the service fall way short.


The service at this location seems to have gotten better; though I'm still not a fan of the food...or the prices Kenneth!


will be nice to see what’s in walking distance for you:)

Fat Killer

Brohan - I guess “different strokes”. I like Farmers Table


I'll try and do more of those Kat!

So true FK. I can only give my impressions from my visit.

James Watson

Your review is spot on for the La Mesa location too. "Corporate" is an excellent one-word description. I had the "Meat Lovers" flatbread at LM last week and it was the same-- heavy, undercooked bread, boring meats, too much tasteless mozzarella. And very pricey.

BTW, have you heard that Bo Beau in LM has closed? Rumor is that it's staying in the Cohn family but being changed to Mexican food instead.


Hi James - Sadly I guess they are consistent. From what I heard Bo Beau is going to be something called Casa Gabriela so that rumor is probably correct. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!


I lost two walking distance gems during covid. Thai Papaya and SEL. Saigon was supposed to open inside SF market but never did. I still have Pho Hoa LV so grateful for that. I've walked to Convoy a few times before but that takes about an hour!


I really miss Thai Papaya Junichi! I'm not sure I'd be willing to walk and hour each way for grindz. What do you think of Zab Linda?


Zab Linda just wasn't the same. I went to the location in Rancho Penasquitos to get my fix. I heard that location is for sale too.


That's a bummer Junichi! I used to love that place.

Som Tommy

To me I prefer Fast Times in the same parking lot


I hadn't been there since they opened ST, but decided to do some revisits. Posts are coming up soon.

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