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Tuesday, 27 December 2022


Derek R

The food at HH vastly improved around the new year to where it was back in the Mo days and was better and more consistent than it had been in years. Unfortunately, the quality and quantity seemed to tank 5ish months ago and has been very meh ever since =(


That's a bummer Derek.....


hoping you get to see Mo the next time you get this


I remember eating at Mo's Island Grindz. Miss those prices and seeing Mo.


I think I'll need to head down to Chula Vista for that Kat! So maybe....

I think the food was better too Soo!

Som Tommy

Bummer. Have not been here in a while. Looks like I’m not missing anything.


Yeah, it was not as good as previous visits ST.


Haven't been there in so long (same with the CV location which is closer to us too). Prices are up everywhere.


Prices have been rising so quickly CC! I need to drop by the CV location to see if Mo is still around.

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