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Monday, 05 December 2022



what a nice trolley ride, I am guessing it beats looking for parking near the courthouse:)


Really loving the new trolley addition between Old Town and UTC. We live near UCSD and often take the trolley for drinks/dinner in Old Town and Little Italy. Quick, convenient, and don't have to troll for parking. And UTC is becoming quite a food destination with all sorts of interesting new restaurants opening all the time. Glad you enjoyed the ride, Cathy!


That's good you tried the new line. I enjoyed taking it to Comic Con:


We took the blue line from Nobel to Little Italy for the festival Saturday round trip. I'm glad they are expanding the light rail, extremely disappointed that the blue line goes along the 5 and not through claremont, UC and UTC around to UCSD. The catchment is terrible for such a new line basically on top of a freeway.


Oh, parking near the Courthouse is at least $20 for the day, plus the commute, Kat! Trolley fees are nowhere near that much. Plus, if called to a Jury, your payment is $15 per day plus mileage-one way.
I never considered taking the Trolley to go out for a meal (and not worry about parking), but it makes perfect sense, Peter. Since I received a free pass for being a Juror (actually for showing up), The Mister and I can do that to just about anywhere. We both grew up using public transportation , still have that automatic 'muscle memory' and did really enjoy it.
Oh, thanks, Soo. I will link. What a fun time you had!
I imagine years of planning went into researching which exits were destination for a majority of commuters, Dereck. A majority of the students who used the UCSD Central Campus and Medical Center and the VA stops seemed to have 'additional' transportation-bicycles, scooters and skateboards (ah, to be young again). Probably earthquake protection combined with a trolley near places with building codes were factors.


Thanks for the link!


It's nice to see a Jesuit offered. Not many French bakeries offer that. My husband and I rode the trolley last November '21 (when the blue line officially opened). We took it all the up to UTC and then to UCSD for an alumni event (freebies galore). It was really cool riding it up the new areas (past Mission Bay and up through La Jolla).

The mall is so different from what I remembered from the mid/late 80's to the 90's and to now. So many high end stores I will never shop at (ha ha) but also many fun and new eateries .

Sounds like you had a great time exploring that day!


As soon as I saw the Jesuit, I knew what to order even though there were so many nice looking pastries, cc. The trolley is a nice way to get to some places other than the Courthouse. The Mister and I plan to utilizeit more this year.

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