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Wednesday, 02 November 2022



This worked--pictures and all.


Post and pictures look ok to me. I'm kind of afraid to try this place since I'm not very familiar with Hunan/Sichuan food and can't read Chinese. The radish skin sounds intriguing!


Thanks for letting me know, Wendy! I appreciate it!

If you don't mind spicy/salty I think you'll do fine Sandy! Thanks for letting me know everything is loading ok.


Thank you for the post Kirk, I also saw the pictures and am happy to get all your great foodie updates again!


This is the first post I’ve been able to see for the past few days but I can see it just like before.


Thanks so much Laurie!

Awesome! Thanks for checking in and commenting RD!


All good, Kirk -- just like the old days! ;-)


Interesting -- when I posted the above comment, Typepad came back with an error, so I tried again. Then it came back with an error again, but it ended up posting both "error" comments.


Thumbs up, Kirk!


Hi Peter - Yes, I noticed that. I'd rather have comments posting twice then not at all....I can always clean up. Thanks so much for your observations and taking the time out to comment.

Thanks alnc!


Both the photos and writeup are showing up on my screen. Been missing your posts so thanks for the extra work it is taking.


glad you guys got your fixes even if a lot of your favorites are no longer on the menu


Thanks so much for letting me know Ko! I really appreciate it!

Yes, it "did the job" Kat!

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