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Tuesday, 08 November 2022



The "wave method" -- HA!


I've actually been looking forward to seeing a review of this place, but I'm sorry you had a bad experience. As someone who knows nothing about good Taiwanese food, even I could tell the beef noodle soup wasn't very good. Wasn't a good broth at all.

The beef roll is usually a bit greasy but I've never had an issue with proportion of meat to cucumber and it's a favorite lunch for my wife and I. The popcorn chicken is usually pretty crispy too and very good. Maybe you just had a bad experience?


That's good you had a great server.


I had never heard of this place until August when my sister-in-law dined there with a friend visiting from Arizona, who is originally from Taiwan. I don't remember what they ordered, but they were disappointed in the food. The outside of the beef roll looks blistered; is that normal?


Y3lp reviews are always entertaining. I only use it for business hours and food pictures.


I quite enjoyed the “wave” method comment! Don’t think I’ve ever had a decent beef roll in SD. Not sure why because had some good ones in OC. Oh well.


Yeah, it's a description the Missus and I came up with Peter!

Hey Loren, why don't you check out Steamy Piggy, the execution and I think the food is quite similar. I really did enjoy the folks working here.

And that was about it Soo!

No it's not Sandy. It seems to have been fried in oil.

Pretty much what I use it for Junichi.

Have not had a good beef roll in San Diego either RD.




Yeah, quite disappointing Kat!

Som Tommy

I went to try this place after this review and man that beef noodle soup was so bad


That's a bummer ST.

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