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Monday, 21 November 2022



looks delicious! the grilled cactus sounds interesting!


Thanks for the info; I have never heard of the marinated tri-tip from Seaside Market or this taco shop. Looking forward to trying both.


It was, kat! I will definitely get the grilled cactus taco again. We have been trying to order more vegetable/vegetarian items lately.

We have North County friends who have always talked about 'crack' tacos after a day of surfing, Sandy. I never really paid attention but am happy to try this local place. (I had forgotten to add the link to an article about Seaside Market when I posted and corrected the post).


I enjoyed a bunch of their tacos:


The tacos are the best thing here, Soo! Your post has some great photos.It's funny how that menu board (and several others) are just all black when I wear my prescription sunglasses.

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