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Friday, 02 September 2022



Yes, I think we all remember how strange it felt in the early stages of the lock down. What surprises me now are so many restaurants and microbreweries that survived the lock down and are only just now shutting down. The cynical lawyer in me wonders if they just didn't want to repay their covid loans. But, overall, just glad to be seeing a rebirth in the food industry. Glad you still have places to eat at and post about!


Thanks for continuing to post. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts. Many bloggers only do it for a short time so your longevity is pretty amazing. I’ve learned a lot too following along. Hope you continue for a lot longer.


I'm glad about that too Kenneth! And I especially appreciate your comments and emails.

Thanks so much for reading and your comments RD! I always look forward to them.


I heard a couple of weeks ago that Pho Lucky was re-opening, and saw the banner yesterday. I can tell you that the family members who heard the news were very happy!


It's been a very weird few years and I'm glad your blog was there and is still here to document it. Who would have thought figuring out social didtancing logistics and online ordering would be a topic. 😂


thanks for continuing to post, it’s been nice seeing different parts of the world through your adventures!


That's funny, my wife went to Lucky Seafood this week and came back excited about Pho Lucky as well. Hopefully they still remember their recipes!


My birthday is March 16, so March 16, 2020 is indelibly marked in my brain. I wanted to go to O’Brien’s to celebrate my birthday, as I’d done many years beforehand, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go anywhere that day.

Thanks for continuing to do this. As we had to shift modes throughout the pandemic, it was comforting to see your posts about dealing with the same. (And as a child of the Web 2.0 era, I’m glad I don’t have to post this to you on Instagram amongst a slew of trashy comments.)


Thank you for continuing to travel, eat, enjoy and post!!!
It has helped many of us pass the time with you and stay hopeful.

Som Tommy

Glad Lucky is coming back


I'm excited to check them out when they reopen Sandy!

Time sure have changed Lori! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

Thanks Kat!

I hope so Jason!

Oh my.....sorry to open up that wound Sage. Thanks so much for all your comments!

Thank you for reading and commenting Laurie. It's all of you that keep me going.

I am too ST!


Your blog helped so much during this COVID time. Pointing out the places that managed to stay open. Sometimes the stories were so amazing. You also provided tips about how to order and pick up that were helpful. Above all, your optimism and good cheer brought a smile. Thanks, Kirk.

Whether or not you decide to hang it up or not should be something that only you can decide but as long as you're posting, I'm reading.


I'd like to think you're a food historian for San Diego! Haha. It's always great reading your posts and not just only for reviews, but also the stories that come with them.


Thanks Alnc! I've been blessed with all the folks who read and comment on our little blog.

Oh man Elle! I guess that means I've been around for a while, huh? ;o) Thanks so much for the kind words!


I remember those early days of the pandemic. I also took a bunch of pictures of the bare shelves at the grocery store. Remember when they shut down the beaches and parks?


Yes, the shutdowns seemed like something out of some sci-fi movie Junichi.

Jack Mart

I learned that Pho Lucky was reopening a few weeks ago, and yesterday I had seen the poster. I can tell you that the friends and family who got the information were really thrilled.


Pho Lucky is now open! Looks like the interior was updated.


Hi Sandy - Yes, I know. I'll get a post up soon. Thanks for thinking of us!

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