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Sunday, 18 September 2022



another survivor:)

James Watson

Point of order: the pizza place here used to be Round Table. The Pizza Hut is across Campo Rd. and is doing just fine, or surviving anyway.

Have you been to Pho and Grill since they moved to this location? Is Jonathan still in charge?

For Greek food, I've always found Grecian Cafe to be very variable, to be charitable. I've always found J-K's on University to be much better, though the storefront itself is kind of a dump. Also Opa on Main in EC is pretty good food but again, the storefront is kind of run down.


Looks like a nice place. Have you tried the fried zucchini?


We are really happy to see places which survived, Kat. Really trying to patronize instead of chains.

You are right, James! I get the Pizza places mixed up but do know the windows on Pizza Hut buildings are unique- will correct the post. Yes, the link to the Pho and Grill post is about the new location; people working are the same. We've had an opposite experience with J-K's; the chickens were terribly small three times since February and one take home salad was not fresh; but it is still open, so will give it another try. (Grecian has always been fresh in our experience). Used to go to Opa a lot (worked nearby) but it's been years; thanks for the reminder.

We have not tried the zucchini here, Soo. I will definitely order it next time, just to be able to report back.

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