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Thursday, 22 September 2022



looks like a nice place to get coffee


I love cilantro, but I've never heard of cilantro microgreens. Do you grow it?


It is Kat! I only wish they opened earlier.

Hi Sandy - You can get it at Sprouts. They also stock kale and other microgreens. It's in the produce section; usually by the packaged Arugula, etc.


Con Pane remains my all time favorite bakery, even beating out Charlie's (but CP is also closer to where I live).

If you get the chance I highly recommend trying the actual sandwiches, specifically the turkey cobb and salami which my wife and I love. I also recommend the baker's savory plate and the cookies (especially shortbread).

I definitely leave with some kind of loaf of bread but the food at con Pane can't be missed.


I like the French baguette at Con Pane. Cool looking plants at the coffee shop.


I've tried the sandwiches at Con Pane in those days "BB" (before blogging) Loren and they were pretty good. The place gets really crowded so I go right when they open...not really sandwich time for me...but one of these days....

We used to enjoy the baguette from CP Soo....but it seemed to have changed after they got bought out....or, it could just be that we've been to France too many times.

Som Tommy

I like Con Panes sandwiches


Glad you like the sandwiches at CP ST!

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