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Sunday, 07 August 2022



That is very interesting. There's no way they would open a second store so close to the other, right?


I don't think so Sandy......we'll see.


I can't figure out the purpose of the stairs on the left - what the heck are they going to put on the roof?


Hi James - The first thing that comes to mind is the food court???? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the final structure looks like.


Dixieline behind Yakyudori got evicted too. I wonder if condos are coming to that lot as well.


That makes perfect sense Junichi!


I used to frequent the ORIGINAL Zion on Convoy, south of Balboa -- I think in what is now Paradise Spa at 4327 Convoy. Back then, the store was teenie-tiny, but the BEST place in San Diego to get sushi grade fish, and my wife and I bought lots of it there. Amazing how it's grown!


Just take the developer's projected time frame and triple it and that's about when they'll complete the job......


Man, that's a looong time ago Peter!

I mentioned since the sign said 2023, we should plan on 2025 to someone yesterday Kenneth! ;o)


Interesting developments! And man, that throwback post to *2005* is exactly why I love mmm-yoso. I I remember visiting that original location as a kid and being awestruck that such a place existed tucked away like that. Lots of memories came flooding back as I read through that post. Fast forward to a decade and a half and some change later and they're moving yet again. Thanks for the update Kirk!


A couple of years ago, I heard that condos were being planned on that property and on the bowling alley property next to it, which closed last year. That's some expensive real estate now.


Aw man, thanks so much Matthew, you made my day! Glad you enjoy the posts and thanks so much for commenting!

That is a prime location for the area ALNC!


There's going to be LOTS of apartments/housing going in at Zion/Kearny Mesa Bowl/Dixieline properties.

The developer G.H. Palmer has plans to build 1,650 units of housing on the Zion/KM Bowl site -- maybe Zion is going to move to a different part of the lot?

Trammell Crow is going to build 531 apartments in the Dixieline site:

Big changes ahead for Convoy:

"Community advocates view the forthcoming multi-family housing project as a potential harbinger for an entirely new neighborhood, inspired by Little Italy, that builds on its roots with residential towers that support ground-floor shops, introduce pedestrian-friendly plazas and paseos, and create a dynamic cultural destination."


Thanks for all the updates Peter!


This is a surprise. I was at the Daiso in KM about a month ago and don't recall construction or signs. (Then again, I was concentrating more on parking and traffic, so....) I'm a bit worried about what will happen to traffic on Clairemont Mesa and Convoy as those streets can already be a bit of a pain to deal with in traffic. Now I'm thinking back to when the current Zion location was still a Kmart. That area really has changed.


And before KMart it was a Sear Outlet, right? I'm really concerned about traffic as well Jessica!


It was a KMart for many many years, then it became a Sears Outlet for a short time before turning into Zion Market.


Thanks for getting the history straight Sandy!


Yes, thank you, Sandy!

It just occurred to me those stairs could lead to rooftop parking, similar to what Whole Foods in Hillcrest has.


Yes, either that or perhaps a outdoor food court Jessica?

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