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Tuesday, 30 August 2022



Saffron used to be a favorite of mine but it went downhill when it was bought. Everyone swore the same recipes would be used, which I'm sure they are, but they're just following a formula and not cooking with love and passion. Not a visit would go by without Su-Mei Yu in the kitchen carefully crafting, smelling, serving, etc. and when she left the building so too did everything that made the place special and high quality. About the only thing that's still edible are the spring rolls, mainly on account of the fragrant mint, otherwise the chicken and every single soup, noodle, or rice dish I've had has been greasy, tasteless, and bland.




Wow, you actually went there. Thanks for checking them out. Sorry, it wasn’t good. I still love the place tho’


Yeah -- Saffron lasted just one year in La Jolla at 1055 Torrey Pines Road -- from October 2018 to November 2019. It's now a Karina's Cantina. Haven't been. When we do Mexican in La Jolla, we usually head to Jose's Court Room.

Som Tommy

lmao I never thought of Saffron as a Thai restaurant


I agree with everything Joy said above, it's just not the same since Su-Mei Yu left. Just seeing her in the restaurant was a comfort in itself. Used to go at least once a week to the little take out shop, I really miss that place.


Food is like art. Different strokes for different folks.


The chicken didn't have much flavor when I visited in 2020:


Hi Joy - To be perfectly honest, even back when I was doing consulting work here in the late 90's, I wasn't particularly enamored with Saffron. Though I have to agree, the food on this visit was definitely bad.

Totally a bummer Kat!

Thanks for reminding me about Saffron Matt!

Wow, they didn't last long at all in La Jolla Peter!

To be perfectly honest, neither have I ST.

Yes, it seems to have slid quite a bit Diane!

Even fast food Junichi! ;o) Yes, food is highly personal and subjective.

Well, it seems they're consistent Soo!

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