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Monday, 08 August 2022


Michael Gardiner

I'll definitely have to give that a try!


That looks awesome - I'm comparing it with something like K Sandwiches which is mainly bread these days. I'll give this a try!


Mr Gardiner - Nice to hear from you! Hopefully they'll do a better job with your bread!

I hope you like it Joy. I've never been a fan of the bread from K Sandwich; I've always found it to be on the "mealy" side.


looks great


You got me at bread baked here!


I'm hoping the bread is a bit better next time Kat!

Check them out Sandy and let me know what you think!


Got the number 1 sandwich, which looked similar to yours in the picture. The veggies were fresh and there was a lot more pate than what most other banh mi shops add. The bread wasn't too bready, but I have shrapnel bits all over the floor. I still prefer the bread at Cali Baguette and Cali Banh Mi even though their fillings have gotten skimpier.

In other sandwich news, you've probably heard that Supernatural Sandwiches on Miramar Road has closed.


Hi Sandy - Yes, like from almost a dozen folks even though we were out of town. I guess I'll take the crustier bread over the rather soft and overly doughy bread I've had from Cali Baguette in recent years; though I've got to stop by again soon. Thanks for letting me know what you thought!

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