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Sunday, 21 August 2022





Can we get a pronunciation guide to go with this review? What a tongue twister!


I like the sugar and cinnamon flavors.


The yeasty 'dough' on the regular donut is sort of a mochi-chewy, Kat. The 'dough' used for dipping the cheese and sausage is the same, but thinner because of its use. The fry is good/not greasy and another choice in the Food Court.

Hahaha, Kenneth. I am Polish and not much can get me flustered, but I cannot find a firm answer on the last syllable pronunciation- a hard "G" or a softer 'jhee'. Let's just call it the "twisted donut place".

I think the sugar will be my fall back order, Soo. Also, am thinking the red bean might become a favorite. It's not like we don't eat before grocery shopping!

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