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Monday, 29 August 2022



Wow, I'm really surprised by Supernatural closing, but their instagram explanation makes sense. From their early partnership with Catalina Offshore and modest start at the farmers markets, was always impressed by their homegrown local success.


Sad about SuperNatural. Think their changed hours and prices affected them the most. I tried Louziana Foods for the first time a couple months ago. Surprised that closed too.

Salt & Butter Japanese Bakery in Sorrento Valley (from Okayama Kobo in OC) will be doing local preorders in SD. I've tried their earlier pop ups when they collaborated with Matcha Cafe Maiko. I like their curry bread more than the ones I've had in SD.


whoops, I guess the bakery is more near Miramar*


I was quite surprised my self Jason. Am really sad to see them closed.

Those two closures caught me by surprise Elle. Thanks for the info!


Mikkeller in Miramar also closed abruptly last week. Was one of my favorite breweries to get barrel aged stouts and sours. Supernatural was never really busy on Saturdays when I would normally go for lunch.


These sudden closures really caught me off guard Junichi! Such a bummer!


It’s sad that we lost two good restaurants in the Miramar area. Hopefully Abby’s Texas BBQ stays for the long haul. A goos truck that used to serve the Campus Point area God Save The Cuisine is closing shop. A very tough time for restaurants.


Man, all these closures Denver.....




Yes, really a bummer Kat!


Thanks for the link Kirk. I wonder what is going to show up instead of JJ Chicken. I noticed some activity inside.


Hopefully it'll reveal itself shortly Soo!

Som Tommy

So sad that Supernatural closed. I had lunch there often.


I ate at Louziana a few days before they closed. I had a really nice discussion with the owner, and she said that their food COGS had gone up considerably, and that current rate for wait staff is around $24/hr. She said that they couldn't pass that on to customers so she came to the very hard decision to close and limit activities to catering.

She also is working with the LSU food lab for nutrient and stability data so that she can sell their seasoning and a sauce or two. She is a really kind woman and I'm sad to see them go, but do wish them best in their new business model.


Yes, very sad ST!

I hope they do well Dereck.


Supernatural was always busy so I’m shocked! I don’t know how I’m going to live without the siren :(


I know Stephanie, it was a shock to me as well. I'm hoping they regroup and return.


New sign up at the former coming soon site of JJ Chicken in Towne Center! "Now hiring" seems promising! Honeyjam Chicken and Beer... "Soon you will be able to experience Honey Jam and enjoy unique Korean pub food and tasty Soju cocktails." "


Awesome Patty! Thank for the update!


Bunny Chow has opened up where LouiZiana Food was. A quick search shows that they serve South African food.

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