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Wednesday, 03 August 2022



Either I missed it or forgot about Sunmerry. The last time I was in the Costco Business/Target area, construction was just beginning on those buildings. I look forward to those eateries! The Sunmerry in Mira Mesa hasn't opened yet, and I'd say it's closer to Reagan Road than to Camino Ruiz. Also, Golden Chopsticks across the street doesn't show any signs of opening soon, although there is permanent signage now.


Couldn’t tell from your post if you’ve been to Kitakata in the OC. If not, it got a lot of good reports (2016) for the shoyu and shio ramen and the chashu. The noodles and egg varied from bad to good. As they expanded to other locations the quality dropped off some. I haven’t actually been so who knows, just passing on what I read. Thanks for the intel.


I passed by Golden Chopsticks a couple of days ago Sandy. And it looked like the dining room was all set up. So they'll hopefully be open soon.

Thanks for the info RD! Haven't been to any of the locations, so it'll be interesting.


I've been to the OC location of BanNai once. People in Kitakata eat ramen for breakfast so the soup is lighter. Perfect for hangovers. There's usually a line at the OC location. Hope they succeed in SD. Can't hurt to have more ramen options.


Thanks for the info Junichi! I'm looking forward to trying them out when they open.


I think that Palomino’s has had new management for a few months. I’ve been going to that location for years, back since about 2003-ish when there was previously a Thai place. I loved the food especially the chili verde pork and flautas. I would see the owner there once in a while. Friendly guy. Sometimes work the front and sometimes even cooking.

Then a few months ago, I start noticing a different guy. Ok no problem. I order burritos. They’re fine, can’t screw up California burritos much. Then I decided to order the chili verde pork. I’m waiting for my order, then I notice the the cook walk out to the front and talking to the cashier. I didn’t hear the conversation and it was probably in Spanish. They were both looking at the menu board, almost confused. I should’ve realized, Danger, Will Robinson. It gave me the impression like they were going “oh, that’s on the menu? How do we make it?” When I got it, it was nowhere near what I had before. It was almost like the cook just thrown something together in a panic with pre-process green salsa. It was horrible.

So the next time, I order flautas. This was during the tail end of the. Pandemic (although not that it’s over). The guy who was manning the register was also cooking (I’ve seen that happen at a lot of restaurants). What I got were not flautas. It was a cigar-like chimichanga wrapped in 12 layers deep. Usually you get two, and they are like targe rolled tacos. These were the size of a mini burrito.

After that, I stopped going. Now that it’s confirmed they have new owners, probably not going back


That's terrible Denver and good reason not to return.

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