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Thursday, 25 August 2022



different from the h mart I visited this summer, your meal sounded delicious!


Fried food sounds good. Did you notice any fried fish and if so do you know what kind of fish?


Each HMart we've been to has a different 'Food Court' associated with it (the grocery/shopping areas have similar items withinventory depending on the size of the building), Kat. The Food Court here is small and run by HMart, similar to how Grill City is run by Seafood City and Musashiya is run by Mitsuwa. There is also a Paris Baguette inside-at the other entrance door.

Since the foods here are provided from the HMart, we've seen a variety of fish being sold, Soo. Bins are not labeled-one time there were whole fried pompano and another time mackerel (maybe Spanish mackerel) and sometimes there are small filet pieces which are probably tilapia (or possibly whatever is in excess that day). Only once did a fried selection seem 'old' and it probably was because of the time of day we were there, or what we chose from a not-full tray...but nothing has been terrible.

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