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Monday, 01 August 2022



even if EZ was disappointing, I’m glad you explored the park:)


Nice park! I haven't been to El Zarape in ages; we used to make lunchtime runs from Kearny Mesa to pick up burritos. If the tacos didn't stand the test of time, I'm not too hopeful for the burritos.


I did enjoy checking things out Kat!

Yeah, it was kind of sad Sandy!


Best local tacos I've had are at West Coast Smoke & Taphouse on their Tuesday taco night. Very reasonably priced and very filling. Plus great beer. Lots of outside patio seating in this BA5 era.


I really enjoy it when you give us some history about SD. Very interesting.

"...and the other stuffs that I would never try like the "Aloha/Wasabi/Soy" burritos."

It's also great when you release your inner curmudgeon. I can feel your cringe.


Tried EZ once way back when. Thanks for the reminder that it’s unnecessary to hurry back. Also thanks for the local history lesson. Good stuff!


I used to live right by the Trolley Park when I moved to San Diego. I always liked walking through the park and relaxing there, grabbing some food from EZ or a coffee from Twigs and heading back to the park like you did.

It does sound like I will skip EZ in the future if I get back to the area again.


I've been once and had a similar experience. Oscar's not too far from here does the same 10 pounds of cabbage trick to hide the fact that there's practically no fish. I'm grateful to be spoiled with excellent tacos of all sorts in the South Bay!


That sounds great Kenneth!

I'm glad you find my curmudgeonliness amusing ALNC! ;o)

It's somewhat sad since EZ used to be a favorite of ours RD!

Well, maybe for old times sake Dereck?

Yes, definitely more and better choices in the South Bay Joy. Though EZ least once upon a time quite popular.

Som Tommy

Never knew why ostriches were on the banners. Thanks for the story


Glad you liked the story ST!


Lovely park. Been a long time since I visited.


It is a very lovely park Soo!

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