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Saturday, 02 July 2022



how quickly time flies! looking forward to these updates.


Floats are looking good. Thanks for documenting the making of. That's awesome you went to Porto's. I always get potato balls.


If you ever need a Portos fix but don't want to make the drive, that new food delivery service Locale is featuring Portos and a few other LA-based restaurants/bakeries:


Oh, the Tournament is more than a year long project, Kat. (Marching Bands are chosen at least two years in advance so they can fundraise for their transportation). Seeing the Parade floats being constructed step by step is always interesting.

Thanks, Soo. We do look for new (to us) places to stop when on the way home and that makes our little 'getaway' more interesting, while having Portos six miles South on the same street is convenient. (Irwindale exit from the 210 to the Phoenix float barn at Ornelas; stay on Irwindale, it will change names andl cross under the 10-first left is Portos).

Thanks for the information, Peter! In the case of last week, we just wanted to drive up that way, since the last time was for decorating floats on December 31.


mmm-yoso - your best place for Portos related food porn designed to make you sad they do not come any further south than the middle of LA :(

They looked amazing btw!


LOL!!! Thanks for the compliment, Loren. We probably would not have sought out the drive to Portos if the Phoenix Decorating float barn had remained in Pasadena; Portos is wonderful. (If there were a San Diego County location, we'd be there once a week.)


As always, thanks for the updates on the floats that we will eventually see in their covered entirety on New Year's Day. It is fun to see their evolution and to know the "secrets" of where the driver sits as well as the spotter. Also cool knowing how the floats need to collapse in order to fit in the warehouse/garage.

That Porto's location is quite nice - it is huge and lines move quickly. Service is always friendly there. Their pastries are so good and reasonably priced.

Re: Locale - I recently ordered the potato balls with cheese and spicy peppers as well as chicken empanadas from Porto's. I was expecting them to be frozen (which I have done before ordering directly from Porto's) but they were piping hot and fresh! Thank goodness for having $15 off for my first order (hmmmm, will there be a second? _


The Mister and I enjoy sharing float information with people, cc..even complete strangers. The West Covina Portos is so nice; we had two meals with a bit of leftover, treats to take home and two beverages for $27.88! Locale does look quite interesting.


I love these Rose Parade breakfast posts


Thanks, Amanda! We'll try to get to 'new to us' places this year. Porto's is so convenient-and consistently wonderful, though.

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