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Thursday, 30 June 2022



The RP location is my local and I grab food from there once every couple of weeks. It's still good, but I think that they have lost some of the Laos heat and the salted fish fried rice is missing. I still like it though.

I will try Zab Linda soon!

Derek R

|Worst name change ever...

I miss the old days when Kobi was there. My now wife and I were dating at the time, and I knew she was the one the first time I took her there and she was game for raw beef and papaya salad at a true legit Thai 10.


I remember squeezing into the real original Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista; it had like what, four tables? Then it was easier to trek out to Santee when Koby moved out there, then even easier when TOSEL opened in RP. So I had never been this Linda Vista location. I have to admit, I usually order the typical American Thai dishes, never branching out too far in the menu. Time to get TOSEL Thai food soon.


Man, I miss the salted fish fried rice Dereck!

A marriage made in (spicy) heaven Derek!

Hope you get your fix soon Sandy, And yes, SEL was so tiny, five tables if I recall....but it was so good and really changed Thai restaurant food in San Diego.


Sad day. I ordered takeout last weekend and it was pretty packed. We'll see how the new owners will do


Definitely the end of an era. I had many great meals here, though I had noticed the slipping quality and the ongoing Americanization of the menu. Hopefully the new owners and business will do well.


I hope they do well Denver!

Yes, definitely seems like the end of an era Joy.


bummer, hoping the thai dishes they serve will not disappoint


I hope so Kat!

Som Tommy

Sad to see them go, though I have not eaten there in a while


Yes, the end of an era ST!


Awwww, how sad to hear of this. I remember the original spot (the tiny one with blue awnings). Haven't been to this location in a few years. Always liked their Thai sausage with sticky rice.


Yes, it's quite sad to se this CC!


I believe the original SEL was where I first met you, Cathy, and Carol. I was just a young, broke kid who didn't know anything about food at the time, but I recognized good food when I tasted it, and man did we have some good eats. Raw koi soi. If you know you know. Thanks to the mmm yoso crew for always keeping it updated on the SD eats.


Man, those were great times Sawyer! Don't forget to ping me when you're headed back to SD!


I drove by there Friday night and it looks like they're open and running. Should have taken pics. I would have gone in, but I just ate.


Hi Young - I also passed by last night and saw the new sign and it looked like they were open! Thanks for thinking of us.

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