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Wednesday, 22 June 2022



They must not sell that many salads...... I rarely dine out these days. Maybe once a week.


The bad thing was that it was "hidden" under everything Junichi. Why not just not include that? And Iron Pig was pretty busy when I placed my order.


Sad about Iron Pig's decline -- we used to be big fans back in our meat-eating days. LOVED the ribs. WHY would the cooks use wilted/brown leaves like that?? Guess the owners/management don't care, which doesn't bode well for their future.


I loved the ribs and wings when they first opened.


We're sad and disappointed as well Peter. Iron Pig was a favorite of ours as well.

Well Soo, if you look at my April of 2015 post on Iron Pig, you'd notice we liked the wings back then as well. The wings looks quite different from these.

Cathy Greene

I know how you feel. We ordered a meal through delivery from an old favorite--the dinner salad has always been a but if a pricey extra, but the fantastic basil dressing made it. Unfortunately, as we dished up the salad, there was the inedible bottom core of the lettuce and blackened bits of lettuce. We haven't ordered or been back. For the cost of a few pennies worth of romaine, they lost a customer.


That terrible Cathy....and I know just how you feel. It's quite sad.


sad & bummer

Derek R

I've also been unhappy with my food for the past few visits, and had hopped that they would improve. Unrelated, have you had a chance to visit Da Kines yet?


That's too bad, how the mighty have fallen. It's always sad when a favorite starts declining... to the point where it's no longer a favorite.


For me, the test is what response I get when I tell the restaurant about a problem with my meal. If they seem sincerely interested in fixing it, then I'll give them another shot. If not, then I just move on.


It was Kat.

I need to find the time to get on over to Da Kine's Derek! Hope all is well.

Very sad Jason.

You make a good point Kenneth. It's much easier to deal with issues when dining in. I've had some interesting recent experiences with calling, one where I was given the wrong order, the other with items missing, both were not very nice. Since all three items we ordered were not very good; we just decided that it wasn't worth the hassle.


Rotten greens really really irritate me. It is so easy to smell them and tell that they have turned and if a kitchen puts them in my dish or on my plate I pretty much lose it.


We were really disappointed Dereck!

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