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Sunday, 26 June 2022



40 minute wait?! :(


Well, that's what it says when you order....and then suddenly you get a text saying your order is ready and have to rush and get it Kat!


I've been ordering online for Menya Ultra. You can specify uncooked noodles for to go ramen, but the last time I ordered, I couldn't find the option.


Hi Sandy - I haven't been to Menya since they ran out of their Tonkotsu a few months back. I see that "fresh noodles" are an optino from the Clairemoent location with the Tonkotsu DIY home kit. And uncooked for the Tonkotsu Ajitama.


I online order at Jersey Mike's.


The pandemic has really shifted the way we eat. On a few occasions I’ve gone to pick up food without pre-ordering, and even though the place is empty when I get there, the employees are frenzy-prepping food orders almost to the point of running into each other behind the counter. The proverbial line out the door is there, just in a different way. I’m curious to see what becomes of the balance - the convenience and increasing normality of online ordering, and the importance of stopping and taking a few moments to breathe during the day.


I went to Supernatural on Saturday right when they opened. The nice gal told me about a 15 minute wait for my food. I was surprised when it came out in under 10. Nessie hit the spot!


Love the service at Marketplace Deli in Hillcrest. 20 minute window and always ready, and correct, when I get there. Parking can be challenging, but if I'm just a little patient, at noon, someone is always leaving, opening up a spot in their own lot.

Derek R

I've been really craving a good cheesesteak, sadly SD seems to be lacking in good cheesesteaks. I've been really craving Pop's lately. We don't do sandwiches often but when we do, it's been mostly from K's or Pomas in OB.


Online ordering has been a big thing for me just to make life easier; I do it pretty much whenever I'm off to order lunch at my office or dinner for my family and I do find that people goof on orders alot less when its written down via the interwebs versus a phone call. So yeah its definitely become a permanent thing in my life and I find myself getting rather annoyed if I can't order online or the gremlin in my computer/server decides you can't order online after you start. And yeah Uber eats et al the cost is so astronomical in fees it becomes difficult to justify unless i'm just super lazy (or when I was down with COVID that helped).

As to where I find the best results for ordering online; probably the Grater Greens/Grilled Cheese locations, Greenhaus has been wonderful for that, and Rakiraki/Yasai are phenomenal for ordering online. But heck you introduced me to some of those :)


That's good Soo......but Jersey Mike's is pretty fast anyway, right?

When I do drop by to do takeout, I'll often order and ask when to return and go do other "stuffs" these days Joy. Of course, I can't really do that on days I work....

Awesome Junichi! Though I've gone right when they've opened on a weekday and had to wait 30 minutes for my sandwich....which is why ordering online seems so much better.

That sounds great Cathy! Glad you have a regular stop that works so well.

Man, I haven't had a cheesesteak in ages Derek! Now you got me wanting one!

I think that one of the good things that has come out of the pandemic is the availability of online ordering Loren. And yes, there seems to be less screwed up orders when you do it online....after all, it's defined clearly.


Cheesesteak.. I want cheesesteak!

Kirk you got me craving a cheesesteak Dereck! (And Derek!)


Mmm-Yoso meet up at Gaglione Bros


Lol Loren!

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