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Wednesday, 15 June 2022


James Watson

I'd love to try it, but that parking lot is a never-go-there for me.


Place sounds good. I'll have to visit before the lunch rush.


Yeah that ranks among the worst parking lots on Convoy, and boy that's saying something.

I've been there twice and their Birria tacos are a stunning revelation and I'd say in many ways better than Tuteano's in Old Town. Their fish and shrimp tacos (not gobernador) were pretty good too.

Only thing I'd say is never get the Birria Ramen like this YosoDummy did, but then again you probably know better than me :-p


Love their birria and octopus tacos. Both with cheese of course! Agree that parking sucks there.


Hi James - Yes, that parking lot is terrible. Which is why we try to do "off hour" visits. I hope you're able to try them out one of these days. Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

That's a good idea Soo.

Yes, their Birria was much better than I though it would be Loren. Lol on the birria ramen!

It's unanimous on the parking Junichi! El Viejon is a nice addition to Convoy!


everything looked great! now if they had better parking…


I haven't been able wrap my head around the fact that there is a mariscos restaurant off of convoy, so I have never been. I guess it's tim to check it out! Maybe my son and I will try it later today when we meet up...


If only Kat!

I know Jack! I guess times are a changin'! If you check them out, let me know what you think.


@Jack - you think that's weird, there's a Mariscos restaurant across the street from a Taco Stand, in the same centers as things like an amazing Taiwanese restaurant, a premier Ramen location, the Tofu house, a dumpling place and a conveyor sushi restaurant.

I mean Convoy is turning into one (if not maybe the top) food streets in San Diego. A food crawl across the entire street would be amazing and a heck of a fun experience.


I think things are getting more concentrated Loren. I wonder how La Playita, which was on Clairemont Mesa Blvd, where Taisho is now, would do these days. Also, Vietnamese options have not kept up with things. I keep wondering how the car dealerships are doing on Convoy.....

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