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Monday, 27 June 2022



glad the mac salad was as you remembered, hope when you get your loco moco it won’t disappoint:)


I hope so too Kat!


I'll have to make a trek over there now that they're open again. The last paragraph is making me feel just a bit old; I used to go to the nickel arcade on Sweetwater Road in 1999-2001 and Da Kine's was an occasional stop for lunch/dinner when I was in the area.


Mmm... I'll have to go and get a plate lunch.


I like to think I'm "well seasoned" Derric! Lol! ;o)

Hope you enjoy Soo!

Kerri K

Wow Kirk, did you go Saturday or Sunday? We were there on Saturday lunch and I was thinking, wouldn't that be funny if we ran into Kirk? But I don't even know what you look like, lol. The loco moco was perfect and the kalua pig was lovely.


Looking forward to trying Da Kine's! The current hours are a bit limiting since I don't go to this area very often. I blinked and missed the Linda Vista location.


Now that would have been funny Kerri! I was there on Saturday.....

I'm sure they'll expand hours after the soft opening period Sandy. I hope you get to cehck them out.

Kerri K

Oh my gosh, we just missed you! We were there just before noon on Saturday. My receipt says 11:56am. Next time!

Derek R

Wow, I would have never guessed in a thousand years that teri chicken would be your opening order. My food world is officially shaken LOL.

I'm glad to hear that the mac and rice is dialed in. That's at least half the battle and I think bodes well for the future! Thanks for the update!


I got there a few minutes before opening Kerri! So, maybe next time! ;o)

Man, it was so hot that I just couldn't think about kalua pork or a locomoco Derek! ;o) That mac salad was pretty good.


I still remember the Sweetwater location. Good memories. In other news Sab E Lee Linda Vista has a sign on the front stating ownership change. There's a banner that says coming soon "Zab Linda." I hope they retain staff and menu.


That's interesting Junichi! Thanks for the heads-up!


update on sab e lee:


Yes, I saw that Young. Dropped by and took photos and did a post. Thanks for thinking of us and commenting!


Wow, I miss Da Kine's. They, along with Island Boy Grille were one of the first Hawaiian style spots I remember going to in the late 90's. Must check out the new Da Kine's one of these days.


Hope you get the chance soon CC!

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