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Thursday, 12 May 2022



I love robots moving in. My friends in Shanghai have seen them all over for years and its about time they are making a big move here!


I want to go to Tom's just to see the robot in action! Just kidding , the food is pretty good.


so cool


Next thing you know robots will do the cooking and there will be no humans.


It was unexpected to see a robot at a local diner in Escondido, Dereck! Such fun.
The Mister and I talked about going back the next day, Sandy! The food here is not fancy and it is well made. Very much a neighborhood place.
It was very cool, Kat!
No, Soo! The men working on the open flat top griddle behind the cash register is one of my favorite things to watch. Artificial Intelligence cannot ever make a perfect over easy egg!


If you want to see a really funny robot working, check out pho ca dao in Mira Mesa. I can't tell if the employees appreciate it or not, but they are going through some teething issues there.


A robot delivery of a bowl of steaming pho? Must stop there soon! Thanks for the tip, Dereck!


Robot servers are a thing now, I guess! We saw one at Pho Ca Dao in CV. Very amusing to watch.


So surprising to see the server here, cc! Tom's is a great diner and not that large, except is a maybe they got a bulk discount. In any case, it was fun and the employees still walked around refilling beverages and cleaning tables, as well as having to set up Tomcat to deliver to the table, so I doubt that many employees were replaced.

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